Elevate your brand's sophistication and environmental commitment with HÄNG.

This collapsible, eco-friendly accessory, crafted from biodegradable plant-based fiber composite, seamlessly integrates into corporate environments, events, and retail spaces.

Customizable with your logo and choice of color, HÄNG transforms an everyday item into a powerful statement of quality and sustainability. Ideal for employee uniforms, client gifts, or corporate giveaways, it offers a unique way to enhance your brand image while advocating for a sustainable lifestyle.

Embrace HÄNG for an unforgettable impression that embodies elegance and eco-consciousness.

Let your company be a Part of the HÄNG Revolution

We're thrilled to bring HÄNG to life, and we need your support! Our Kickstarter campaign is the perfect opportunity for you to join us on this journey towards creating a more sustainable and stylish world.

​HÄNG is not just a foldable hanger; it's a statement of conscious living. Each HÄNG is made from sustainable, biodegradable plant based fiber composite, which means you're investing in a product that's not just designed for the modern lifestyle, but also considers the health of our planet.

​Here's what makes HÄNG special:

​Sleek, Convertible Design: Unfold and fold in seconds. Perfect for on-the-go and small spaces.

Lightweight and Durable: Weighs only 50 grams, yet robust enough to hold your coats and suits.

Eco-friendly: Made from sustainable, biodegradable plant based fiber composite materials.

By backing us on Kickstarter, you're supporting more than just a product. You're endorsing sustainable design and innovative solutions for everyday items.
​Ready to make a difference? Join us in bringing HÄNG to life. Visit our Kickstarter campaign support us from September 10th.

Together, let's redefine how we view everyday essentials.