• HÄNG Pop 3-pack


    Streamline your wardrobe with the HÄNG Pop, featuring transparent hangers in Rose, Plum, and Zest.

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  • HÄNG Pure 3-pack


    Enhance your wardrobe with the HÄNG Pure, chrystal clear, ultimate discreet, transparent hangers.

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  • HÄNG Onyx 3-pack


    A trio of sleek, black transparent hangers designed for the modern minimalist nomad committed to sustainable living.

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  • Functional design

    Engineered with precision, HÄNG's notch design guarantees secure, slip-free hanging for all garment types.

  • Convenience in a pocket format

    HÄNG vs. iPhone 15 Pro: Small Size, Big Impact.

  • Conscious chic

    Designed for ultimate portability, HÄNG’s sleek, lightweight structure folds into a compact size, making it the perfect travel companion for modern lifestyles.

In crafting HÄNG, we employ environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, ensuring that our production process aligns with our sustainability goals. By choosing materials that are both high-quality and eco-friendly, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, ensuring a better future for our planet.

HÄNG stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation, design, quality, and environmental responsibility. Designed to be both practical and portable, it's the perfect companion for the modern nomad, proving that you don't have to compromise on style or sustainability.

Available on Kickstarter from September 10th

The hanger HÄNG will be able to order on Kickstarter.com from September 10th until October 10th. Stay tuned and register your e-mail and we will inform you when it´s time.

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